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Cosmetic combines a multi-track step sequencer with a flexible five-layer MIDI-controllable sampler, Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesizer and VST Instrument. It is ideal for creating rhythmic phrases such as drum tracks, but there is nothing to stop you from venturing further, like creating synth pads, sequencing audio files, or creating rhythmic bits of live recorded audio. The velocity-sensitive layers make it easy to create complex drum kits using a library of drum and percussion hits. The FM synthesizer is superb for creating entire electronic percussion kits, or decorating sampled percussions with extra character. The sequencer lets you put it all together either on the stage or in the studio.
A lot. Let's start with the Cosmetic sequencer. It is no ordinary step sequencer that does the same thing over and over. With up to 96 steps per measure in virtually any meter, you can create tight rhythms or loosen up the feel by using an off-beat step. Measures can be stored and sequenced. Collections of measures and sequences can be saved and used in other projects. Add an element of chance to any step by reducing the probability a note will play in the cycle of a measure. You can also randomly vary the velocity, pitch and duration of a step, using scales or single steps. Finally, the output of any track can be gradually "thinned" by chance, reducing the possibility that all (if any!) of the notes will play.
Of course, you can interactively change all these probablilities in realtime while measures are looped.
Now let's take a look at the Sounds you are sequencing. You can add as many sounds as your CPU can handle. A sound is composed of five stereo layers: three samples, an FM synthesizer, and a VST Instrument or Effect. These sources can be modifed with a multi-mode filter and delay. You don't have to use all of them, of course - you can use just one layer if you wish. The layers can be velocity-sensitive, or play all at once. They can play at a fixed pitch, or respond to MIDI pitches. The samples can be pitch-shifted and "stretched", using the granulator. Each sample has an envelope and waveform selector so you can fine tune your sounds. The FM Synth can be easily programmed with random methods. Simply start pressing certain keys on your Macintosh keyboard until you get a sound you like. If you'd rather be precise, you can adjust the carriers, modulators, and envelopes to your liking.
Cosmetic can be used as a standalone software synthesizer/drum machine, or it can be used to sequence drumtracks and record them to audio files. You can also create interesting arrangements using longer files in the samplers.
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BoomTch - Three Sounds: a bass drum sample, a snare sound created with the FMSynth, a small "click" sample, coupled with an FMSynth noise. A filter sweep is added to the click+FM sound.
A looping measure is created in the Sequencer. The snare sounds and some of the clicks have a slight chance variation on the velocity,giving a different feel on each cycle of the measure's loop. The Sequencer's "thin output" for the measure is increased from 0 to 100, gradually exposing the rhythm. The FMSynth that is coupled with the click is faded in. Delays on the click and snare sounds are altered using the Mac keyboard controls. The Sequencer's "thin output" is reduced from 100 to 0.

Bweeow - Variations to the rhythm and sounds in BoomTch. Multiple sequences were saved, and another Sound using the FMSynth was added. A new Sequence Layer was added: four quarter notes, each with some pitch variation according to a major scale, with the output thinned about 75%.

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Step Inspector (for the Sequencer)
Single Module
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Version 1.0 for Macintosh:
not yet available. to be notified of release, send a message
System Requirements:
Mac OS 8.5 or greater or
OS 10.2+,
min 65mb free memory, OMS 2.3.8 (OS9 only), Quicktime 4+.
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A Unique Sound Sequencer
A Unique Sound Sequencer

Cosmetic is no longer an actively developed product...this site is here for historical purposes...please visit http://www.yowstar.com for current products!!